SAP Fieldglass Training Course Details

CI Network Adapter Integration Overview – Transport

The Ariba Network Transport Adapter is intended for enterprise customers of Ariba Network that do NOT use SAP NetWeaver or Oracle Fusion Middleware, or for those customers that prefer to use a custom adapter implementation to connect to Ariba Network
• Conforms to the J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA)
• Implements the cXML specification
• Receives cXML documents from an Enterprise Information System (EIS) and dispatches them to Ariba Network
• Downloads cXML documents from Ariba Network and sends them to the EIS
• Need to implement a mappings between your EIS and the cXML

CI Network Adapter Integration Overview – SAP Add-On

  • The SAP Adapter for SAP Suite Add-On is an add-on module for SAP business applications
  • It enables integration between Ariba Network and the SAP Suite Add-On component available in your SAP ERP system.
  • The SAP Suite Add-On is developed by SAP to allow SAP ERP systems to connect to Ariba Network either through SAP NetWeaver PI or directly .
  • SAP ERP buyers and suppliers using SAP Adapter integrated with SAP Suite Add-On and Ariba Network can send and receive transactional documents through the PI layer or directly using Direct Connectivity.
  • All the mappings are done in SAP ERP system and SAP NetWeaver PI acts as a router.

SAP Ariba Fieldglass Online Training Course Content

1. Fieldglass Overview

  • a.Deliverable’s type
  • b.Buyer side activities – sap ariba fieldglass online training
  • c.Supplier Side activities

2. Contingent Workforce Management Process

  • a.Deliverable types
  • b.Buyer side activities – sap fieldglass training
  • c.Supplier Side activities

3. Statement of Work Process

  • a.SOW (Statement of Work) Process Flow
  • b.SOW types
  • c.SOW Characteristics
  • d.SOW Workers – sap ariba fieldglass online training

4. Configs

  • a.Workflow Config
  • b.Table’s config
  • c.Approver’s roles config
  • d.Rule’s config – sap fieldglass online training
  • e.Template Config
  • f.Template Types

5. Reporting Functionalities

  • a.Report Customization – sap fieldglass online training
  • b.Buyer side Reporting section
  • c.Supplier side Reporting section

6. Integration

  • a.Integration Scenario
  • b.Manual maintenance of local Master data
  • c.CIG (Cloud Integration Gateway) & CI 9
  • d.Connectors Concepts – sap ariba fieldglass online training
  • e.Master data Integration
  • f.Transactional data Integration